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Component Technologies

The innovation of the Insotect insulation systems are made possible by the components which make them up. Through the dedicated component technology each insulation system is able to exist. The component technologies are outlined below in conjunction with their parent insulation system.

Component of: Insotect Flow
FlowGate™ technology uses heat permeable mesh gates to virtually lock your insulation in place, eliminating cold spots, and allowing your body heat to flow. Essentially, insulation fill on one side of a "swinging gate" pushes on the insulation fill on the other side of the "swinging gate", not allowing the gate to move. Therefore, your insulation is held static, virtually eliminating insulation migration no matter the length or volume of your baffle. By allowing for longer / higher volume baffles, FlowGate™ technology was also found to reduce baffle material requirements. The result is less waste and a lighter weight compared to conventionally baffle systems.

Vertical Thermal Channels™
Component of: Insotect Flow & Insotect Tubic
VTC™ enhances the rapid transfer and uniform distribution of your body heat over the entire length of your body. Unlike conventionally baffled systems, this technology frees your insulation to flow with your body - not against it - using much longer baffles of greater volume. This is a significant improvement over the conventional, short, horizontal baffle system that slowed heat distribution, requiring your body to heat from core to extremities zone by zone. Another benefit of VTC™ is that the long baffles can be cut to follow to your body shape, enhancing overall comfort through an improvement in body fit.

Component of: Insotect Tubic
DualVault™ technology combines an arc and pillar configuration which folds the synthetic insulation over itself. This puts the insulating material in a vaulted orientation without adding additional material for vertical gain. The additional loft gained through the DualVault construction technology allows a greater volume of air to be maintained between the user and the outside environment providing superior thermal efficiency and comfort.

Matrix Partitioning™
Component of: Insotect Dualmax
Matrix™ Partitioning is a super-lightweight, breathable partition material that keeps your insulation from moving - without adding significant weight - maintaining even insulation coverage over your entire body. After all, it is insulation system structure that allows Insotect systems to deliver their unrivalled performance benefits.

Active Zoning™
Component of: Insotect Dualmax™
Active Zoning™ delivers extreme flexibility to any insulation system, allowing it to utilize both high and low fill-power down. For the high fill-power down, Active Zoning™ increases the volume of space in each down compartment by 30%. The performance advantage in high fill-power down is attributable to its down cluster being bigger and loftier than normal lower-fill power down. Active Zoning™ ensures that there is sufficient space for the down to expand, maximizing the performance of the insulation system when high fill-power down is in use.

InsoLite™ Webbing
Component of: Insotect SeamZero
Unlike conventional gear webbing, InsoLite™ Webbing was designed specifically for application with welded systems and is able to withstand the high temperatures encountered during the welding process. InsoLite™ is also 60-80% lighter than conventional webbing. And a lighter system translates into traveling further and playing longer. If your gear's breathability is a concern, InsoLite™ Webbing was designed to quickly wick moisture away from your body, ensuring the user stays warm and dry for the length of their journey.

AeroShell™ Technology
Component of: Insotect SeamZero
AeroShell™ Technology places an extra insulating layer of air between the exterior shell and your insulation system for superior heat retention and distribution. This technology breaks through the conventional requirements of having to stitch insulation baffle material through the outer shell of your gear. Combined with advanced baffle welding technologies, you are left with a smooth and seamless exterior shell that leaves no place for water or wind to enter And uncompromising insulation system performance, no matter the weather.

Flexure™ Technology
Component of: Insotect A-Flex
Flexure™ technology refers to a series of individually "flexed" synthetic insulation fiber pieces. Synthetic fiber is usually very strong and the bending nature of the Flexure™ technology can potentially yield enhanced loft to the system. In relation to system performance, superior loft not only traps more air within the system, it also increases the distance warm air has to travel in order to escape. Therefore, warm air stays in the system longer for enhanced warmth endurance. The flexing of the synthetic fibers also enhances user comfort and provides extra cushioning against rough outdoor contours.

Anchor™ Technology
Component of: Insotect A-Shingo & Insotect A-Flex
Anchor™ technology refers to a series of small, individual insulation fiber pieces that contribute to enhanced overall system integrity. Simply put, Anchor™ technology forms the backbone of any system. The other important feature of Anchor™ technology is in the creation of air pockets, compartmental spaces between the lining and the anchor piece that serve as an air trap, assisting in the containment of warm, body-generated air from escaping to the outside.