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Insotect A-Flex

Insotect A-Flex™ - A Major Breakthrough

Insotect A-Flex™ is a hi-loft insulation system that exploits the flexible nature of synthetic fibers for superior body support and increased heat retention. Conventional insulation systems lose loft and performance when you lie down on them. To counter this effect, Insotect A-Flex™ uses a series of "flexed" synthetic fibers that have been bent back on themselves for greater loft and loft resiliency. As typical with less resilient insulation structure, your insulation can shift and migrate; fortunately Insotect A-Flex™ has a backbone that alleviates this issue.

It's Anchor™ Technology holds insulation in its place, virtually eliminating the possibility of cold spots. As with conventional systems, the only barrier between your body and the cold outside air is your insulation. However, through the addition of protective "air pockets," Insotect A-Flex™ truly delivers performance benefits in the dimensions of loft & warmth.

Insotect A-Flex: Diagram 1