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Insotect Flow

Insotect Flow™ - A Major Breakthrough

Insotect Flow™ represents a major breakthrough in sleeping bag construction; combining the presence of Vertical Thermal Channels (VTC's) and Insotect's proprietary FlowGates™ into one complete insulation system, bringing a new era of gear performance to market.

Insotect Flow's vertical baffles or vertical thermal channels (VTC's) distribute heat more readily from end to end compared to traditional side-to-side horizontal baffles. Heat can now effectively travel the entire length of the channel alongside the body, bringing warmth throughout. Vertical baffle construction allows the gear design to more closely reflect the contours of the user, taking on a more comfort forming shape which in turn keeps insulated comfort closer to the body.

Insotect Flow: Sleeping Bag Illustration

Before Insotect Flow, vertical baffling wasn't a viable construction option due to potential downshifting, where down insulation would travel to either end of the vertical channel. Insotect Flow overcomes down-shifting through the presence of patented FlowGates™ - special gates staggered strategically throughout the entire length of the vertical channel that hold the down insulation in place. This effectively maintains uniform insulation distribution and eliminates cold spots. Insotect Flow's vertical orientation also requires fewer total baffles; fewer baffles means less material and less material translates directly into lighter gear.

Insotect Flow: Jacket Illustration