Insotect Insulation Systems 101
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Insulation Systems 101

To better communicate the virtues and benefits of Insotect insulation systems we are pleased to provide some insight to commonly asked questions below. For any further questions or clarification please visit our contact page or email us directly at

What is an insulation system?

An Insotect insulation system can best be described as the combination of innovation and construction technology which unlocks the full performance potential of insulated gear in regards to heat retention, heat transfer, loft, durability, weight and water-resistance.

Are insulation systems and insulation materials the same thing?

No. An insulation system dictates the placement, allocation and presence of insulation material that is utilized within the gear. The insulation system effectively provides the configuration architecture for which the insulation material occupies.

For example, Insotect Flow is the insulation system in many high-end sleeping bags that use Goose Down as the insulation material.

How do insulation systems improve gear performance?

Insotect insulation systems improve the performance of gear in many different ways. Some of our insulation systems work to maximize the loft value of the gear which translates into greater warmth and heat retention, while other insulation systems facilitate the flow of warm air more effectively from head to toe which improves the speed at which the user's body heat is distributed. Many of our insulation systems are geared to address several key factors at once so the final product has a tangible impact on multiple performance benefits. The benchmarks that benefit from our insulation systems include heat retention, heat transfer, loft, durability, weight and water-resistance.

Which kinds of gear use Insotect insulation systems?

Currently Insotect insulation systems are present in many popular high end sleeping bags made for brands such as Marmot, Big Agnes, Montbell, Rab, Nemo, Sierra Designs, EMS, Stoic, etc. In 2013 Insotect insulation systems will make a highly anticipated debut in down-filled jackets from Big Agnes. The insulation system concept has created strong demand in these specific gear categories and continues to grow.

Who invented the insulation system concept?

Insotect is widely accepted to be the original innovator of the insulation system concept that is now a key component in many popular high end sleeping bags.

What are the different kinds of insulation systems?

Insotect has pioneered several innovative and unique insulation systems over the years. These include the following:
Insotect Flow - Insotect Tubic - Insotect A-Flex - Insotect A-Shingo - Insotect Dualmax - Insotect SeamZero